About Me

Catherine Jacobs, MBA

Welcome to my About Me page.  I will share some of my experiences and values with you to illustrate how I will work with you to start or improve your businesses.

I have spent my career in business management in various industries, most recently in legal services.  I have been the Chief Operating Officer/Executive Director of four Vancouver law firms.  My first was a litigation-based firm, then an intellectual property law firm and subsequently two mixed-practice firms.  I have both hands-on and management experience in all functional areas of a law firm including strategic planning, business development and marketing, financial management, general and trust accounting, human resources and payroll, information systems and specialized legal software, facilities management, office services and general administration.  I also have experience in project management including construction and renovations as well as special event planning.

I would definitely endorse Catherine Jacobs as a highly qualified management professional with a proven record of success. With Catherine’s warm personality and best practices management process style, she will be a strong asset to any organization or project.

Prior to my career in legal services, I worked for several years in the high-tech field.  I was the Office Manager for a printed circuit board and industrial design firm in Burnaby’s Lake City, and then a financial analyst for the manufacturing of printed circuit board prototypes in research and development.

I started my career in construction, both custom home building and industrial construction. Along with the office management, accounting and general administration of these firms, I performed construction job costing and billing for both contract and cost-plus projects.

My skills have always been easily transferrable to any industry and I went on to manage a small airline, wholesale clothier, restaurant holding companies, and Federal customs duties and sales tax refund consulting.  You will see that my varied background is invaluable to me in consulting with any type of company; corporation, partnership, institution or government entity.

Catherine was integral to the consolidation of our law offices and since that time has been a highly effective “change agent”, streamlining processes and procedures, and significantly improving the overall sophistication of the firm.
Partner, Leading Fraser Valley Law Firm

I have always considered myself as an “internal consultant”, hired by different businesses to manage and improve their systems, processes, marketing and business development.  I help the owners and management to create a strategic plan and then implement it, streamlining processes, pinning down procedures and policies, increasing revenues, optimizing expenses and maximizing profits.

I have complemented my career with my Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA) through Simon Fraser University (SFU).  My degree is in the generalist business program, which provides university-level education in all areas of business management, strategy, financial management, policy and marketing.

At this stage in my career, I want to bring my extensive and varied knowledge and skills to your company, whether you are just starting up your business or wanting to expand and improve, without having to hire a person at my level in-house, full-time.  I look forward to helping you with your questions and challenges.