Catherine Jacobs Consulting

She (Catherine) is highly knowledgeable and brings with her an immense amount of knowledge and experience across various levels of law firm management and operations, having worked as a “change agent” and “integrator” for firms in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.
Partner, Leading Fraser Valley Law Firm

Your organization is growing quickly – your challenge is to keep up with increased demands, while keeping your customer/client satisfaction high.

Employee morale and staffing is your cornerstone and requires added attention. Your day is filled managing your business functions instead of managing your business growth.

This is when it may be your best decision to bring in a management consultant.

A management consultant can advise and guide you to create the necessary processes you need to keep your business running smoothly. Your consultant will analyze the complex issues you are facing and create actionable systems/processes – developing solid implementation plans.

Whether you have a special project requiring individual management, are setting up a new business and/or office, need assistance with any facet of business setup, management or growth – you can achieve this more effectively with professional management consulting.

Spend your time doing what you are great at: running your company, business networking and generating new leads to grow your organization.

My name is Catherine Jacobs, MBA and Management Consultant. I have over 30 years of experience and a solid track record of helping organizations set up their businesses, improve their performance, increase revenues, optimize expenses and maximize profits.